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We extend our expertise to guide clients through a range of vital relationship property services, including the drafting and negotiation of contracting out agreements (often referred to as a prenup), separation agreements, property divisions, and other related aspects of such work.  We recognise the emotional turbulence often accompanying this type of work, and prioritise empathetic support throughout, understanding the significant stress and distress that can arise during such times.

Our approach is characterised by a friendly and supportive approach, aimed at fostering a sense of comfort and assurance for our clients.  We are committed to not only reaching practical solutions, but also simplifying and clarifying the intricacies of these often-complex matters.  By offering clarity and guidance every step of the way, we strive to ensure our clients feel empowered and informed throughout the process. 

Julia's extensive background in tax law not only enhances our understanding of complex financial matters, but also gives us a rare and distinctive ability to apply commercial insight to the intricate realm of relationship property law.  This unique skillset enables us to navigate the nuances of tax and commercial implications and structuring within the context of property division and contractual agreements, offering clients a comprehensive and strategic approach to their relationship property matters.

Click below to read our articles covering aspects of separation and contracting out agreements in more detail or contact us​ to discuss.

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