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What our clients have to say... 

“We have worked with Julia over the past three months with three of our businesses in regards to tax. She has effectively and directly dealt with IRD on our behalf achieving outcomes that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to come to without her expertise. Her background in this area gives her a major advantage in negotiations, and her communication on the client end has been clear and concise. Julia not only provides a top end service in her own area of law but has many reputable contacts she can put you in touch with  if she sees the need for a wider range of legal services for protection or planning. I highly recommend Julia and we look forward to working with her in the future on relationship property matters."

“Highly recommend Johnston Law. Julia was excellent to work with. She understands the law and was able to explain it and guide me through the process."

"Julia and her team were simply amazing throughout the whole process of completing my separation agreement.  She was able to explain things clearly in layman's term so that I understood what was going on, needed to happen etc. She was proactive in her approach, and I felt like she always had my best interests at heart. Was good to know and have that feeling of having someone on your side.  Highly recommend Johnston Law."

"Absolutely superb service from Julia, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, and level of expertise I received.  Everything worked out just perfectly thanks to Julia and her team. Thanks so much!!"

“I recently used Julia for a problem that had arisen, she was swift and fast with honest and accurate information. I'd highly recommend her services."

“Julia's empathy for our situation, coupled with her sound knowledge and passion for what she does, was priceless... this made all the difference to us."

“Julia was amazing in my recent separation case.  She explained everything in clear terms and answered all of my questions.  She encouraged me to continue when I felt like throwing in the towel!  She is astute, compassionate, incredibly intelligent and blew the defence away when speaking for me in court.  I am very happy with the outcome of my case."

“We have worked with Julia over the past few months negotiating with IRD on our behalf. Her guidance through very complex issues has been so appreciated. She is incredibly clued up with clear communication and is extremely helpful providing appropriate contacts to assist in other areas where we’ve required further assistance. Highly recommend Julia."

“Julia assisted me with some difficult legal issues involving business assets, pensions and tax matters and without doubt, she is the most effective lawyer I have ever worked with.  Not only does she know her stuff, she is very personable and empathetic.  I have no hesitation in recommending her and her team of professionals for the best legal advice."

"Couldn’t rate Johnston Law more highly. Julia’s expertise is unrivalled and essential for the many clients whom I need to refer to Julia for assistance. For anybody facing NZ cross border tax issues, Johnston Law should be your first contact"
David Tzimenakis - The US Tax Team New Zealand

"Julia has been an absolute lifesaver!  For the past few years, she has helped me navigate my complex tax situation between two countries, and dealt with IRD on my behalf.  She is not only incredibly skilled, detail-oriented and has my best interests at heart, but is also an absolute pleasure to work with!  I really appreciate Julia’s positivity and kindness, especially when tackling these very personal, challenging topics."

“Julia has been great to deal with.  She was very professional and explained everything clearly - both in person and via email."

“Julia is as caring as she is proficient.  Her level-head and laser-focus cut through the emotional chaos of my case and highlighted the facts.  Every step of the way she kept me informed, encouraged me to think things through and made sure I was completely comfortable.  And she did it all while I remainder overseas.  She navigated that added level of difficulty with ease and grace.  She is honest, well-spoken, thorough, and proactive.  She was a joy to work with, always bringing a bit of sunshine and optimism.  Her tenacity and commanding knowledge of law brought a settlement better than I dared dream.  I am incredibly grateful."

“Julia, thanks, I really appreciate everything you have done for me.  I don't believe I would be trading today without you."

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