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Can your loved ones afford for you not to have a will and enduring powers of attorney?  Creating a will is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed, and the people you love are looked after when you are no longer here. 

We do not administer your estate so we are truly independent when creating your will, and there are no hidden fees after you die.

Enduring powers of attorney are vital if an accident or illness prevents you from managing your own affairs. They can also be helpful when you want someone else to take responsibility on your behalf, such as if you are heading overseas.

When completing enduring powers of attorney, there are two documents, and therefore, two sets of people can be given power of attorney.  One for property (your things) and the other looks after your personal care and welfare.

An enduring power of attorney will make all decisions for your personal care and wellbeing, and your property matters, so they should be someone you can trust and ideally, someone in New Zealand.  You can appoint joint property attorneys, but the personal care and wellbeing attorney is to be just one person.  You can have successor, or back-up attorneys in the event the first attorney is unwilling or unable to act.

Click here to read our factsheet on enduring powers of attorney.

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