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We specialise in offering expert tax advice across the spectrum of tax legislation.  Our reputation shines particularly in our adept handling of international/migrant tax matters, land/property tax concerns, and partnering clients  with Inland Revenue inquiries, debt remission and audits.  We work with clients, as well as their accountants and advisors, tailoring bespoke solutions to meet each client's unique requirements.


We extend our expertise to guide clients through a range of relationship property services, including contracting out agreements (often referred to as pre-nups), separation agreements, property divisions, and other related aspects of such work.  We're here to support and guide you through these often challenging times, offering guidance, expert advice and unwavering assistance



At Johnston Law, we recognise the importance of having attentive legal advisors that listen to your concerns and guide you through your situation to find optimal solutions.
Mistakes in tax matters can be costly, and navigating the intricate laws is no simple task.  Likewise, the emotional strain of ending a relationship can be overwhelming, and having discussions about a contracting out agreement (or prenup) can be daunting.  This is why we've dedicated our practice to helping individuals and businesses alike with their tax law and relationship property needs.  Our experienced director offers clear-cut advice and support, ensuring you are well-informed and positioned for the best possible outcomes.

We're committed to tailoring our services to suits your unique situation, striving to streamline the process and alleviate stress.  Our commitment to keeping abreast of the latest legal developments enables us to provide clients with top-notch advice and manage their legal matters with the utmost diligence. 




All things tax, including:

Migrant Tax


Property Tax



Contracting Out Agreements



Enduring Powers of Attorney

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